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by: HubSpot Moderator
HubSpot Moderator

Power Up Your Other Hubs with Operations Hub

Last month, HubSpot was crowned as the #2 Global Seller by G2. It's no doubt that ever since the launch of Operations Hub in April last year, the value of our other Hubs has compounded.


Take Marketing Hub for instance, with Operations Hub in your tool belt, your marketing programs become even more powerful and customizable. This was clear when we held the first-ever Automation Masterclass in the HubSpot Community last month. Hundreds of HubSpot admins, developers, and operators came together for an hour every week to learn how to write coded actions alongside their teacher Jack Coldrick.


During one of the Masterclass sessions, Jack showcased how you could leverage Operations Hub and Marketing Hub to create a customer referral program. Fully powered by HubSpot workflows; no third parties involved. All you'd need is a landing page, a form, and a coded workflow action to set up a fully automated program that can be up to ten times more successful than paid media.


Operations Hub and Marketing Hub make for a powerful duo. Dan Moyle of Impulse Creative agrees: "When you have developers who can code some custom actions, your Marketing Hub becomes a ninja weapon". The data quality automations should not be slept on either. Nicole Sengers of Six & Flow mentions it saves their marketers a lot of time by unlocking personal communication at scale: "Data that comes in is validated, cleaned and formatted so we can use it to communicate with clients immediately."


With the extensive customizability that Operations Hub offers, it's clear that this is only scratching the surface of what Marketing Hub can do. If you're interested in some more deeply powerful use cases, be sure to register for our next workshop series that starts on March 24: Power Up Marketing Hub with Operations Hub.