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[Case Study] Botkeeper Saves $100Ks With the HubSpot CRM Platform

Botkeeper Saves $100Ks With the HubSpot CRM Platform

Botkeeper replaced its existing disparate tech stack of six-plus tools with the HubSpot CRM Platform in just two months, dramatically lowering costs, saving hours of time, and achieving new insights with closed-loop reporting.


As is usually the case, they use the full CRM platform, and Operations Hub helps unlock a complex use case around data/process:


One of Jessica Veiga’s favorite reports forecasts leads from events and sponsorships.


Botkeeper uses custom objects and programmable automation in Operations Hub to make the data associations necessary to attribute leads to different events. Botkeeper’s custom code workflows make it straightforward to execute complex logic.


Jessica creates a custom object for every event and then monitors that event as if it’s a deal in the pipeline. She can then attribute leads to those events and even forecast leads for similar events.


“I can look months ahead and know when we can expect a pop of leads from different events—and know what that will mean for opportunities and deal creation.” says Jessica.


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