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A Special Someone Turned One Last Month

Operations Hub turned one last month. And my oh my, has it grown since then! When Operations Hub launched last year, it took the world by surprise. It was the first time that a major player truly recognized operations teams as "the unsung heroes of our industry" and Revenue Operations (RevOps) as the way to "transform these teams from reactive fire-fighters into proactive friction-fighters."


While many praised Operations Hub, it did not launch without criticism. Some claimed that it lacked functionality, which product managers like Ewout Meyns of data sync acknowledge. "We aimed to launch with a solid foundational product," Ewout shared with us, "and to get that into the hands of our community early so we could gather feedback that would help drive our roadmap." 


Sign up for the Operations Hub Show & Tell on May 25


And therein lies its power. Operations Hub is fueled by its community – this community! Just look at the releases for data sync – the HubSpot-built integrations, and you'll see the influence a community can have. In one year, the team added tons of new features, like the ability to sync associations and deals two-way. They added sync health and more than doubled the number of supported apps. 


So as we look back at the achievements of the past year, remember that it's thanks to YOU. Your contribution to this community, however big or small, is impactful. And if you are wondering – just like I am – where Operations Hub will be by this time next year? You can get a preview at the Operations Hub Show & Tell on May 25, where the product team will unveil the newest features in Operations Hub, and you can sign up for beta tests, ask questions, and share feedback.


Here's to one year of growing better together! 🥂

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