[Upcoming Live Chat] Live Ops Chat on 10/21 with Scott Brinker, martech expert

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Grab your coffee, and your notepad, and join us LIVE with @sbrinker on Wednesday Oct 21 at 12pm ET to discuss all things platforms, ecosystems, marketing and operations.


Zoom link, Passcode: 061353


Scott Brinker has had an amazing career as a thought leader in platforms, ecosystems, marketing and operations. He is currently the VP of Platform at HubSpot and also run  chiefmartec.com, where he created the Marketing Technology Landscape and launched the MarTech conference. There's more to learn about Scott - check out his Linkedin profile.


Join us LIVE on October 21, or upvote/leave a question for Scott below on topics like:


  • markering technology
  • marketing / revenue operations
  • how to build a tech stack
  • His thoughts on iPaaS and the low-code movement


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Sadly I won't be able to make the live chat but I do have questions on Ops tech Scott may be able to answer or advise on:


What do you think of tools that say they can remove the need for change management, such as Tonkean?  I went to a demo event for this tool and see how it can streamline and automate parts of some processes, but didn't quite understand how it can completely remove the need for having a written process to follow, making sure all team members follow it, education and training on how the whole process works smoothly, etc. Maybe what I am thinking of is less about change and more about following the current process?  🙂  Anyways, I would love your thoughts on this and similar tools' usefulness, for different sized companies.


What is your opinion of tools for process mining such as Celonis, would these tools be helpful for small or midsize companies who have trouble telling us (an agency) their processes since they have never documented them and may have a mix of different people doing different things in different software, spreadsheets, and docs? Would these tools be useful for non-enterprise businesses?



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