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Hi #OpsLife ---


The next CS RevOps Meetup is confirmed for November 18th @ Noon EST 🎉🎉🎉🎉


Register here


This meetup will feature the topic "How to identify (and fix) operational pain and gaps" and will be joined with special guest Anne-Marie Costigan!  Anne-Marie has 20 years of experience leading teams through operational change and has a superpower of working cross-functionally to unlock friction and revenue growth.  


In this meetup we will be discussing topics such as:

  • Operations Pain & Gap Analysis
  • System and Process Mapping
  • Building cross-department buy-in and alignment
  • and more!

Any topics or questions you'd like to make sure we address?  Add them as a comment or message me directly. 


See you there!

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Very smart and insightful conversations in the last one!! I will not be missing the next meetup. 

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Registered and shared with my team, very excited!

My question off the top of my head is:
Is Operations Pain & Gap Analysis the method for choosing which pain/gap problems are worth solving compared to the pain/gaps that would not be worth the time/effort to fix? And does this Analysis also prioritize what to solve first?

In other words, does the analysis just solve the "what" are the issues, or does it also answer questions of "if" a pain/gap should be solved, along with "when" and perhaps even "how"?

I'm very interested in the other topics as well!

See you on the 18th!

Jen Bergren

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Love these questions, @JenBergren !  Adding them to the list 🙂

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Great meetup and a big thanks to @mewing and Anne-Marie Costigan. I loved the insights around aligning and prioritizing the pain points across the various teams (while also factoring in the impact each pain point had on revenue).

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Thanks @dshirley!  Great having you at the meetup.  Looking forward to the next one -- more info coming soon!