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[OCT 13] INBOUND Discussion Thread | The Right Way to Scale: Building a Theory of Business

The Right Way to Scale: Building a Theory of Business

Wednesday, October 13, 7:00 am (EST)

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Hi folks,


The discussion thread for next week’s first RevOps INBOUND session is hereby open! So excited for this first one by Sam Jacobs, CEO of Pavilion (formerly The Revenue Collective). Sam is not only one of America’s top executives, but he’s also one of the first who decided to create a community for Ops folks to connect and learn from each other.


Let’s get the discussion going! What are you expecting from this session? Why are you excited about it? What do you hope to take away from this talk? Any questions you want to get answered?



Product, marketing, and sales – how does each function play a role in the success of a company? And where should your team be focusing to ensure you’re able to grow efficiently? Join Sam Jacobs, one of the top go-to-market executives in the United States and Founder of Revenue Collective, as he explores the order of operations leaders need to follow to ensure product-market fit, drive demand, and close sales. He’ll also explore the role of unit economics in decision-making and the KPIs you should be tracking to understand the health of your organization.



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