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[OCT 13] INBOUND Discussion Thread | Rise of the RevOps Developer | Connor Jeffers

Rise of the RevOps Developer

Wednesday, October 13, 02:00 pm (EST)

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Hi folks,


Unless this is your first time visiting our RevOps & Operations community, you’ve probably heard of Connor Jeffers, CEO of Aptitude 8. Connor, and Aptitude 8 at large, have been a tremendous asset to many of our members here the past couple of months. We collaborated on an Operations Hub Playbook, did a live AMA, hosted automation workshops together with HubSpot academy, and most recently we held a webinar series called Leveraging Operations Hub. It’s no question that Connor has a vast understanding of HubSpot automation and is undoubtedly a RevOps guru, that’s why I’m really interested to see his take on the most recent RevOps development: the RevOps Developer!


Let’s get the discussion going! What are you expecting from this session? Why are you excited about it? What do you hope to take away from this talk? Any questions you want to get answered?



Whether you’re a company looking to enhance your RevOps stack beyond what's offered with no code, a RevOps professional looking for the next step in your career, or a developer interested in learning more about building on top of HubSpot, this session will teach you about where Developers sit in the future of the CRM Platform.



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