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[OCT 13] INBOUND Discussion Thread | RevOps + Moneyball: The Rise of the Strategic Technician

RevOps + Moneyball: The Rise of the Strategic Technician

Wednesday, October 13, 06:00 pm (EST)

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Hi all,


If you don’t know Matt Bolian, just go and watch the webinar he did with us a couple of weeks ago: How to Hire a RevOps Jedi. That webinar is very much an extension of what you’ll see him talk about here. Matt’s company RevPartners’ main purpose is to find, hire and train RevOps professionals for their clients. As such they’ve defined what it takes to be and become a true RevOps Pro, or as they call it a Strategic Technician – someone who can not only think big, but can distill it into concrete implementations. This session isn’t worth missing!


Let’s get the discussion going! What are you expecting from this session? Why are you excited about it? What do you hope to take away from this talk? Any questions you want to get answered?



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