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[OCT 13] INBOUND Discussion Thread | 90 Days to Revolutionizing RevOps at Your Organization

90 Days to Revolutionizing RevOps at Your Organization

Wednesday, October 13, 8:15 am (EST)

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Hello people!


This is really one of the INBOUND sessions I won’t want to miss. Juli Durante who is Director of RevOps at Impulse Creative will talk about how you can turn your company’s Ops around in a three-month timeline. Impulse Creative is one of HubSpot’s most esteemed partners, so I hope we get to learn about their strategy and best practices on how to implement RevOps. 


Let’s get the discussion going! What are you expecting from this session? Why are you excited about it? What do you hope to take away from this talk? Any questions you want to get answered?



When you think about how your company is operating, do you feel like something is not quite right? Are you built on multi-tab spreadsheets, manual processes, and endless bandaid solutions? You're not alone... but you don't have to operate that way. In this session, you'll learn a three-month timeline for defining your ops process, implementing the right sales and marketing tech and integrations, and putting a plan in action.



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