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[MAY 6] Discussion Thread | Webinar: How HubSpot Scaled its GTM Strategy with Automation

Thank you so much for joining the webinar! We hope you took away some interesting learnings. Please share what you thought of the event or leave any questions you may have for the panelists in the comment section below. 


About the event

At HubSpot, we’re obsessed with providing a truly delightful customer experience. But as your company scales, continuing to provide a great customer experience can be difficult. Automation can help, but not if your strategy isn’t set up to grow and scale as you do.


HubSpot has injected automation into our teams and processes, scaling to a $1B business with over 100K happy customers. Now, we want to share our automation strategies with you!


The speakers:


In this webinar on May 6 at 1pm ET, HubSpot leaders walked you through:

  • How HubSpot scaled our GTM process with automation, and what to consider before you automate
  • Where HubSpot has leaned into automation at each stage of our flywheel, to attract, engage and delight customers at scale.  
  • A framework for scaling with RevOps.


What kind of questions do you still have about HubSpot’s automation strategy? What kinds of questions do you have for the folks who define our strategy and bring it to life? Ask your questions for our panelists below!

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