[MAY 5] Closed | Live AMA on Data Sync by HubSpot w/ Ewout Meyns & Frans Leys

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Exciting news!


On May 5, we held a Live AMA here in the community about Data Sync by HubSpot with none other than Ewout Meyns, Senior Product Manager, and Frans Leys, Go-To-Market Specialist for Operations Hub. 


Meeting Recording:

Access Passcode: CU00LLn.


About Ewout (pronounced /A w out/)

Ewout Meyns is the current product manager of Data Sync by HubSpot, the new native way of integrating your business apps with HubSpot CRM. And before that, Ewout was the CEO and co-founder of PieSync, the integration engine on which data sync is built. Want to learn more about him, check out his post in the Operations Hub board.

About Frans


About Frans

Frans Leys was among the first to join PieSync. After working at other software companies, he joined PieSync as the sole Solutions Engineer, but really just being a jack of all trades as is the custom in early-stage start-ups. At HubSpot, Frans designed and refined the ways in which the Data Sync integrations will be discovered and installed.


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Example questions:

  • What makes this sync different from other syncs?
  • What’s the difference with Zapier?
  • What is your favorite Belgian beer?
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Thanks, @jbogaert! Now that the question is out there, I need to know what your favorite Belgian beer is! 😄 


I also would love to hear more about the difference between Data Sync by HubSpot and Zapier. 


I'd also love to learn what each of your favorite functions of Data Sync is. 


Looking forward to this event! 

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@jennysowyrda, your questions are noted! We could probably fill an hour alone talking about beer 😅