[MAY 11] Workshop on No-Code HubSpot Automation with Professor Kyle Jepson & Connor Jeffers

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Join our Workshop in No-Code HubSpot Automation 

Hi everyone,

I'm so happy that I get to announce that as of May 11, we'll start holding Community Workshop on HubSpot Automation. All throughout May we'll have three workshops:

  1. The first workshop (May 11) will cover no-code automation in HubSpot
  2. The second (TBD) will be about low-code automation
  3. And we finish on a deep-dive on node-code automation with custom code actions in HubSpot workflows.

Click here to add the May 11 workshop to your calendar.


To host this workshop, we're collaborating with the HubSpot Academy, specifically no one other than Kyle Jepson, academy professor at HubSpot, and also HubSpot Solutions Partner Aptitude 8's Connor Jeffers to show you the ropes.


What to expect?

In this workshop, Kyle and Connor will teach you how to set up several Automations using the HubSpot Workflow tool and guide you through them step by step. You'll be encouraged to follow along, ask questions, and recreate the automation in your own HubSpot portal. Afterwards, there will be time for a Q&A with the teachers.



No-code: May 11, 11 AM (EST)

Low-code: TBD

Node-code: TBD


Sign up here for the Workshop in no-code Automation


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Will these be recorded if we aren't able to make it?

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@elizsmith Absolutely! The recordings will be added to this post afterwards, and they'll probably be featured in a separate post as well 🙂