Join HubSpot's very first CS RevOps Meetup!

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Hi #OpsLife --- 


I'm very excited to welcome you to HubSpot's very first meetup dedicated to Customer Success & RevOps taking place on Oct. 21st @ noon EST 🎉🎉🎉🎉


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These monthly meetups are the perfect "zoom" to network with CS RevOps pro's, discuss trends, hash out your ideas, and learn from interesting special guests.


The first meetup topic is centered around the question "What is the role of Customer Success in RevOps" and features special guest Michael Redbord!  If anyone knows the role of Customer Success in RevOps -- and how to advise companies to be successful in navigating growth -- it is Michael.  


Michael was part of the early team at HubSpot that led the Support and Success teams from $50mm in IB revenue to nearly $400mm. As HubSpot's customer base grew, Michael led and scaled the service team to over 500 employees globally, delighting the customers that today drive HubSpot's growth. He went on to build the HubSpot Service Hub product line as a VP of Product & General Manager, creating the fastest growing product in HubSpot's history.  Today he is Head of Operations at SaaSWorks. 


We will be discussing topics such as:

  • CS RevOps Strategy for small to large businesses operations
  • Customer retention vs. customer revenue
  • Key alignment plays with Sales and Marketing
  • How to unlock siloed departments
  • and more!


Any topics or questions you'd like to make sure we address?  Add them as a comment or message me directly.


See you Oct. 21st @ Noon EST!



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Thank you for sharing! This is great!

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Looking forward to seeing you there, @Carolyn_M !

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Very excited about this new meetup! I've shared with my team and look forward to next week!



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