[JUN 22] Open for Questions | HubSpot Live AMA on Operations Hub & RevOps

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Join our HubSpot Webinar: Live AMA on Operations Hub 

In May we held a webinar introducing Operations Hub and got a lot of questions about the product, the features, the strategy, and about RevOps – more than we could ever answer on the spot.


As such, the community team decided to host a follow-up event on June 22 at 11 AM (EST), an Operations Hub Ask me Anything, to answer any outstanding questions you may have about Operations Hub and the RevOps mindset.


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June 22 | 11 AM (EST) / 8 AM (PST)


The Panelists

  • Ari Plaut: Ari is the product marketer behind Operations Hub. He's interviewed tons of ops professionals so we could make a product tailored to their needs. You can read more about his biggest takeaways here.
  • Anna Pfeffer: Anna is senior product designer and was part of the core team that developed and designed Data Sync by HubSpot.
  • Emma Goldborne: Emma's a product manager here at HubSpot who was involved in the development of Programmable Automation and Data Quality Automation

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We would like to send triggers from our SaaS App to HubSpot, to store information or start workflows in hubspot. 

Ie. when a customer started a trial; triggertrialstarttime

Or to know if a trial has been extended; trialextended

Those could be simple time stamps. We would also like to send more complex info, in form of some JSON; emailreportcontent - to help generate the content of a report email, with most important areas of action. 


Is it possible to send various forms of data to custom attributes and use it to trigger workflows or as content for emails?

Is it possible to look up an email to see if they already exist in HubSpot CRM - then populate the custom attributes?

If a new platform user does not exist in HubSpot CRM, is it possible to create the user from our platform?



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Hi @BrianSkov_WUD,

Great question! I'm tagging @remingtonbegg , @Connorj13 because they might have some good ideas on how to achieve this with Operations Hub!