[JUN 15] Workshop on Coded HubSpot Automation #3

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Community Workshop on Coded HubSpot Automation #3


Hi everyone,

Due to overwhelming success, we've decided to hold a third Community Workshop on Coded Automation in HubSpot. We have already had a couple of workshops:

  1. The first workshop (May 11) covered no-code automation in HubSpot. (You can find the recording here)
  2. The second (May 19) was about coded automation in HubSpot (You can find the recording here)
  3. The third (June 2) was a second coded automation workshop (You can find the recording here)

Watch the recording!


Passcode: NBe*N53h


To host this workshop, we're collaborating with the HubSpot Academy, specifically, no one other than Kyle Jepson, academy professor at HubSpot,  HubSpot Solutions Partner Aptitude 8's Connor Jeffers, and Solutions Engineer Jack Coldrick to show you the ins and outs of custom code actions in Workflows.


What to expect?

In this workshop, Kyle, Connor, and Jack will show you several use cases for coded automation that you can set up using the HubSpot Workflow tool. You can submit your own questions and use cases and the teachers will show you how to set it up step-by-step. You'll be encouraged to ask questions and recreate the automation in your own HubSpot portal. 


Do I need to know code (JavaScript)?

Having a baseline understanding of JavaScript and APIs will be useful, but is not required. This workshop is ideal if you want to be inspired by the possibilities of using custom actions to automate your processes on HubSpot. 



Tuesday, June 15, 11 AM (EST)


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Can't wait for this! 👏


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