[Closed] AMA with Drew Cohen, Revenue Operations and Martech Expert

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We’re excited to host an exclusive ask-me-anything session right here in #OpsLife with Drew Cohen, Senior Director of Revenue Operations and MarTech at SmartBug Media. Drew is a Philadelphia-based marketing professional who has developed strategies for organizations in both B2C and B2B verticals. He's extremely passionate about RevOps, Martech, remote work and emerging technologies... and Philly sports teams!


download.jpgOn Wednesday 2/24 at 12pm ET (Add to Calendar), Drew will be joining me to talk about all things RevOps and Martech, so if you can't join us live, be sure to leave your questions on this thread before then or UPVOTE questions you want answered during the AMA. If we don't get to it live, Drew will answer your questions in the thread below.


Here are some topics to ask Drew about:


  • Revenue operations
  • Marketing strategy
  • Project Management
  • Content Marketing
  • Automation
  • SEO

What questions do you have about revenue operations or marketing technology? Ask Drew anything below or join us live on Wednesday Feb 24 at 12pm.

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Thanks, @PamCotton! This looks great, I will try to attend if my schedule allows! 

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What's you're favorite little-known Martech platform/tool and how does it help? 


Thanks, @maggiebutler. Looking forward to it!

Drew Cohen
Sr. Director, RevOps
Alto Solutions, Inc.

Hey Drew! I'd be curious to hear how your customers are using form personalization as a part of their automated workflows

We are seeing more demand for dynamic / more intelligent forms. Forms need to be personalized to a specific user’s journey, and gone are the days of static forms in a one size fits all model. Many of our Hubspot customers are using progressive profiling in Hubspot forms, and for more dynamic use cases, TypeForm has a great product that integrates with Hubspot. Here at SmartBug, we use TypeForm as well and implement logic branches into our forms, and tie in the properties into Hubspot to trigger further automation streams.
Drew Cohen
Sr. Director, RevOps
Alto Solutions, Inc.