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[APR - MAY] Calendar Overview

To prevent you all from scrolling and looking for all the new events, here's an overview of all events we have lined up for the coming month. Strap in! It's going to be a very busy couple of weeks! 


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April 27 - 11 AM (ET) Automation Strategy Community Meetup 🚀 Add to calendar
April 28 - 11 AM (ET) Live AMA w/ Connor Jeffers on Operations Hub Playbook   Add to calendar



May 5 - 11 AM (ET) Live AMA on Data Sync w/ Ewout Meyns & Frans Leys Add to calendar
May 6 - 1 PM (ET) Webinar: How HubSpot Scaled its GTM Strategy with Automation  Save your seat
May 11 - 11 AM (ET) No-Code Automation Workshop w/ Kyle Jepson & Connor Jeffers Add to calendar
May 12 - 11 AM (ET) Live AMA on Programmable Automation & Data Quality Automation w/ Jesse Tremblay & Angus Gibbs Add to calendar
May 12 - 1 PM (ET) Webinar: Run Better with Operations Hub 
Save your seat
May 13 - 1 PM (ET) Add to calendar
May 18 - 11 AM (ET) Live AMA on Conversational Marketing Automation Blueprints w/ Marwa Greaves & Ari Echt-Wilson Add to calendar
May 19 - 11 AM (ET) Code Automation Workshop w/ Kyle Jepson & Connor Jeffers  Add to calendar
May 20 - 11 AM (ET) Live AMA on Customer Advocacy Automation Blueprint w/ Eugenia Pirotsky  Add to calendar
May 25 - 11 AM (ET) Live AMA on RevOps w/ Jenn Deering Davis Add to calendar
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