[APR 28] Closed | Live AMA w/ Connor Jeffers on Operations Hub Playbook

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Hi everyone!


We’re so excited to announce that on April 28 at 11AM (EST), we’ll be hosting a live AMA with no one other than @Connorj13 , the author of The 2021 Revops Cookbook and Operations Hub Playbook. Starts asking your questions below!


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Passcode: 3@krv6^A


About Connor

Connor Jeffers is the founder and CEO of Aptitude 8, a RevOps technology consulting firm and a HubSpot Diamond Solutions Partner. Besides running the day-to-day, he’s also active as a RevOps Instructor here at HubSpot where he teaches a course to hundreds of other partners on how to provide RevOps services to their customers.


About The Operations Hub Playbook

Leading up to the launch of Operations Hub, Connor was one of the early beta testers. Immediately, he fell in love with the new hub and what it meant for the overall direction HubSpot is heading towards. So much so that Connor and his team started building out an entire Operations Hub Playbook, full of solutions to problems that can now be solved with the new hub. 



April 28, 11 AM (EST). 


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Here are some questions you might ask Connor:

  • What is according to you now the number one HubSpot feature that has the most potential?
  • Operations Hub is there to empower ops teams, but as a smaller business I don’t have an Ops Team. How can I get the most ROI out of it?
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What's the timeline on being able to sync data with ConnectWise using the new data sync?

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@willpate wrote:

What's the timeline on being able to sync data with ConnectWise using the new data sync?

Hi Will,

That's not something we know for sure yet I'm afraid. New integrations are added. Just today the data sync team released five more, bringing the total to 30 instead of 25. However, when the ConnectWise one might come is not something we know for certain.