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"Dont Be On It" Dashboard

Hey Guys

I recently did the Revops Cert in Hubspot and there was a mention of a dashboard a company created for their sales reps called the "Dont Be On It" dashboard in a way to govern their CRM. The idea I believe is so reps can go in and see if there name is on it and fix up the issue at hand. I have a few reports already in mind for this but wanted to put it you all to see what ideas you may have that I could include. Thanks!!

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"Dont Be On It" Dashboard

Akolb is correct, Im looking for types of reports to be added around SLA's for sales reps. Reportung that I have collated already are days to be contacted, Deals with close date in previous QRT and bunch of reports are our SLAs for lead status but was hoping to add a bit more in. 


In saying that I do think karsten's dashboard is a great way of keeping an eye on our data all in one place so I will building that one out too. But for the sake of the dont be on it dashboard it would be more specific to sales reps.

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"Dont Be On It" Dashboard

Hi @AKyriacou,


Here's where I'd start 🙂 All reports with breakdown by owner:

  • Contacts without email address
  • Contacts where 'Invalid email' is true
  • Contacts with a 'Email hard bounce reason'
  • Contacts without a legal basis for data processing
  • Contacts who are customers but 'Unsubscribed from all email' is true
  • Deals which are open and and 'Last contacted' is more than x days ago
  • Deals which are closed without close date
  • Deals without an amount or with a dummy amount like 0 or 1
  • Companies without 'Company domain name'
  • Companies with key account domains and 'Last contacted' is more than x days ago
  • Records associated with overdue tasks
  • Records missing associations (e.g. contacts without companies, deals without contacts/companies)

Best regards!

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"Dont Be On It" Dashboard

I like your approach. However, this seems to be directed towards eliminating junk data and not towards sales reps sticking to policies they agreed to. (Eliminating junk is important but not necessarily the responsibility of sales reps).


I believe what @AKyriacou was referring to was the Sales Rep's adherence to protocol or a Service Level Agreement (SLA).


For example:

  • It is policy that Sales Reps follow up on contacts within 2 days of assignment, if they have contacts that have not been followed up within 2 days, their name shows up.
  • It is a policy that Sales reps contact a lead 5 times a week or disqualify the contact; if they don't, their name shows up.
  • ....

Now, I have been asking myself the same question, as HubSpot reports don't seem to be geared to this level of flexibility.

One could create an additional property for each of these scenarios and have them be populated by a workflow, e.g. When an owner is assigned, wait for 2 days, if not contacted, set "contacted within 2 days" to False, or something like that.
That seems rather a contortionistic IMO, so I wonder what the "best practice" is here..