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closed deals in sales analytics

Is there a way to filter the data in the Sales Analytics section to show the data for deals CLOSED in a certain timeframe? I know I can see data for deals created in a certain timeframe, but if I want to see the deal funnel for deals that closed (not created) between date 1 and date 2, how might I go about that?

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closed deals in sales analytics

Hi @JWasserman,


You can easily create such a report by navigating to Menu > Reports > Reports > Create report > Single object > Deals.


Under Filters, change the default filter from Create date to Close date and select your desired time frame.


Click Hide Filters and add Close date to the Data section by clicking Add Deal Property.


Switch to the Visualization tab, drag and drop Amount in company currency (or Count of Deals, depending on what you're interested in) into the Displaying area, along with Close date.


Change the Visualization from a horizontal to a vertical bar chart and use the Frequency drop-down in the top right of the report editor to change it from Daily to Monthly.


Let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

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