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maggiebutler 9月 14日, 2020
OpsLife is HubSpot's newest community for Operations professionals. Whether you're in Marketing Ops, Sales Ops, Customer Success Ops, RevOps, or another type of Ops role -- we're here to provide a home for the content, education, and resources you n 続きを読む
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133 コメント
3月 26日, 2024 04:35
Hey Everyone, I am Abhishek Mittal from India, Working as a Senior Associate Data Operations @G2Track (Acquired by BetterCloud). Glad to Know you...続きを読む
ZacharyMyr 4月 18日, 2024
Hello all, We have a framework agreement custom object where Deals are associated to the framework agreement. We have multiple child companies competing for the same Deal. We use Deal Split to manage the revenue share. We also use Deal Split 続きを読む
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4月 19日, 2024 11:27
Hey @ZacharyMyr , thank you for posting in our Community! Consider enhancing your reporting capabilities to include insights into lost reven...続きを読む
Lucca7 4月 16日, 2024
Hi, I want to create a report in hubspot that allows me to view a series of properties for ONE company at a time. For example I would like to be able to create a report the allows me to select Company A and then display a series of properties 続きを読む
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1 コメント
殿堂入り | Solutions Partner
4月 17日, 2024 00:10
Hi @Lucca7 , I would recommend using the middle column of company records for this: https://knowledge.hubspot.com/object-settings/customize-t...続きを読む
SarahMouton 4月 10日, 2024
Attention developers! Introducing our monthly Developer Newsletter, exclusively designed for you. Packed with insights, trends, and resources, it's your key to staying ahead. Stay Informed and Ahead: Get the latest programming languages, tools, 続きを読む
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0 コメント
hafsteinnbg 4月 10日, 2024
Hey, I am trying to require that all deals are associated to a company that has a property 'HQ Company ID' = known, before they can be moved to closed won. We are a SAAS company, and this HQ Company ID is the product account unique identifier. 続きを読む
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1 コメント
4月 10日, 2024 18:35
Hey @hafsteinnbg , thank you for posting in our Community! You could Implement validation checks within your pipeline stages to ensure that ...続きを読む
BRogers0 4月 08日, 2024
We use Tableau for various reports and are exploring ways to integrate these non-public Tableau reports directly into HubSpot dashboards. Our goal is to encourage team members to fully adopt HubSpot by consolidating our tools into one pl 続きを読む
0 いいね!
1 コメント
4月 09日, 2024 03:38
Hi @BRogers0 , I hope that you are well! Great question, thanks for asking the Community! For information, there is the " Tableau integration " ...続きを読む
GArin 4月 05日, 2024
Hi! I have been using HubSpot for the last 6 months, more from a content marketing perspective. My company is in the process of building out our revenue operations function and are seeking a RevOps Analyst to join our team. It's a combination role 続きを読む
0 いいね!
4 コメント
4月 16日, 2024 12:16
Thank you for the recommendations @Aakar ! I appreciate it!
BiancaRagsdale 4月 04日, 2024
Here’s my goal : Embed a Typeform form in a HubSpot email. When users select an option in the Typeform form, their names and email addresses are included in the Typeform responses. What I’ve done so far : I created the form and added Hidden Fi 続きを読む
0 いいね!
4 コメント
最優秀メンバー | Elite Partner
4月 09日, 2024 14:27
Awesome @BiancaRagsdale I'm glad you got it working!
CDiVincenzo 4月 04日, 2024
Dear Hubspot Community, I hope you can help me! I am working on sales activities overview, to show when our AEs have not reached out yet the prospect before the meeting. Unfortunately my report is not showing the right number of contacts/activit 続きを読む
0 いいね!
5 コメント
Accepted Solution
殿堂入り | Solutions Partner
4月 05日, 2024 04:20
@CDiVincenzo it does. Your report however is filtering for activities that both have a meeting start date and are at the same time calls/emails/Lin...続きを読む
rulpats 4月 03日, 2024
I don't want new accounts created in SFDC because of Hubspot. What is the best way to achieve this keeping the sync on? #1. I have disabled the create and associate companies with contacts settings just recently. I think it only helps in not cr 続きを読む
0 いいね!
3 コメント
4月 17日, 2024 00:50
Hi @LaurenRyan Thanks for your detailed feedback. I had to turn back on the 'create and associate companies with contact' setting since for the Hu...続きを読む
PDrews 4月 02日, 2024
Want to make my world a bit more beautiful? In a perfect world these two scenarios would be solved: 1. New lead comes in to HS, and is then assigned based on a rep's (SDR or AE's) "real-time and updated"(rt) calendar availability. 2. Contact is rea 続きを読む
0 いいね!
5 コメント
4月 16日, 2024 11:12
Hi @PDrews -- I guess, there are few features that are in beta or development, but there's no out of the box solution right now. Please check the p...続きを読む
emichsz 3月 29日, 2024
It is extremely frustrating that my accounts were deleted without any notice. I was logged out, and when I tried to log in again, I was directed to a new account setup page, resulting in the loss of all my data. I did not receive any error messages 続きを読む
0 いいね!
1 コメント
3月 29日, 2024 16:47
Hey @emichsz , Happy Friday! To investigate further and provide you with clarity regarding the deletion of your accounts, I will need some a...続きを読む
FTroppé 3月 28日, 2024
Hello to all of you, I would like to create deals in Hubspot with N8N. The only thing I don't success is to create a deal with several associated contacts. With one, it works. But I don't manage to find the good separator between each id for the c 続きを読む
0 いいね!
1 コメント
3月 29日, 2024 09:31
Hey @FTroppé , thank you for posting in our Community! To successfully associate multiple contacts with a deal, you need to ensure that you'...続きを読む



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