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maggiebutler le Septembre 14, 2020
OpsLife is HubSpot's newest community for Operations professionals. Whether you're in Marketing Ops, Sales Ops, Customer Success Ops, RevOps, or another type of Ops role -- we're here to provide a home for the content, education, and resources you n Lire la suite
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Contributeur de premier rang | Partenaire solutions Diamond
Mai 18, 2023 15:55
Welcome, @dkhardwick !
PMcConnell le Juin 02, 2023
Hi all, I am running into a strange problem and hoping someone can shed some light on it. I am trying to create a line item using Workflows. This line item is to have an assocation to a deal. Below is a copy of my code with my parameters scrub Lire la suite
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1 Réponse
Gestionnaire de communauté
Juin 02, 2023 15:04
Hi @PMcConnell , Thanks for reaching out to the Community! I wanted to invite our subject matter experts to see if they have insight. ...Lire la suite
SSundaram8 le Mai 26, 2023
1. I am looking for an idea to define to Leads source for Events Marketing team? 2. Current Problem: They have Lead Source as Events and Sub Source as Physical, Virtual Event? 3. The problem is how can we track the leads per events, and what is th Lire la suite
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2 Réponses
Accepted Solution
Contributeur | Partenaire solutions Elite
Mai 31, 2023 16:28
I totally agree with @Aakar . We do something similar. When we import event leads, we then run them through a data setting workflow which sets a ser...Lire la suite
fierceweek le Mai 25, 2023
I'm currently working on a workflow audit for an existing org by going into each workflow to eyeball what it does and the properties used. After doing about 50 of these, my eyes are starting to cross. Is there an easier way to do this with the Hubsp Lire la suite
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5 Réponses
Accepted Solution
Participant | Partenaire solutions Diamond
Mai 26, 2023 12:55
More caffeine 😜
AHanno5 le Mai 24, 2023
Hi all! I'm looking to build a report that shows how much Net New Revenue we've won YTD. I have already edited the Deal Types field to include - Net New Business - Existing Business - Renewal - Existing Business - Upsell I'd like to be Lire la suite
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2 Réponses
Mai 25, 2023 07:53
Hello @MiaSrebrnjak I have sent you a private message I badly need your help
ChaiMhn le Mai 24, 2023
Hey all, In an attempt to clean up the left-side view of the company records one CTQ parameter for us is to have HubSpot meeting link of a user automatically populate when their name is added in the field. Is there a way to make this happen? Wou Lire la suite
1 Mention J'aime
2 Réponses
Mai 24, 2023 09:32
Hey Tom, thanks for reaching out. Current situation: Internally our team has to manually locate meeting links on the company record for the design...Lire la suite
Edmund_Lam le Mai 17, 2023
I just completed importing companies and contacts for a HubSpot installation. One of the import sources was a contacts spreadsheet exported from QBO. I did some data cleanup to make the data fields lined up with HubSpot's. Now, my client wants to ha Lire la suite
0 Mention J'aime
1 Réponse
Gestionnaire de communauté
Mai 19, 2023 09:14
Hi @Edmund_Lam , Thanks for reaching out to the Community! Would you be able to confirm which Quickbooks Integration you are looking to...Lire la suite
Vicente1 le Mai 16, 2023
H there, I've always used Hubspot for B2B, but anyone has any ideas on how to organize objects (Conmpanies, Deals, Cotacts, etc), around a B2C operation? I've seen it, but I can't wrap my head around all of the "@gmails.com´s", and companies. I Lire la suite
1 Mention J'aime
3 Réponses
Accepted Solution
Leader d'opinion
Mai 17, 2023 15:44
Hi @Vicente1 having used HubSpot for b2c in the real estate industry, the struggle is real, but as @TomM2 mentioned, turning off the auto-associa...Lire la suite
DJohnson4 le Mai 05, 2023
I have a Hubspot chatbot on my website which asks customers to enter a departure date. They enter it in dd/mm/yyyy format and it saves to a custom date picker property. However, when the departure date response is saved to the custom property, it s Lire la suite
Accepted Solution
Mai 10, 2023 18:39
I think I have this solved! Long story short, it's probably best to save the date provided by the user as a string, and then convert that string into...Lire la suite
SVenkatesan le Mai 04, 2023
1. I have setup a workflow which sends Quote details to a webhook whenever "Customer" Signed my quote. 2. In few cases, signature of the customer is not required, so quote will be moved to "Published" status directly. So Whenever a quote is "pu Lire la suite
0 Mention J'aime
1 Réponse
Gestionnaire de communauté
Mai 05, 2023 08:27
Hi @SVenkatesan , Thanks for reaching out to the Community! This is a great question 🙂 Let's invite our subject matter experts to t...Lire la suite
JKaufman le Avril 26, 2023
Hi! When going through my data in Hubspot, I sometimes find multiple companies with the same domain name that Hubspot is not catching as being duplicates. I want to make sure that when new contacts are uploaded (or companies) - that the upl Lire la suite
1 Mention J'aime
5 Réponses
Mai 08, 2023 19:16
Unfortunately I'm not seeing this feature in my settings
MFriberg le Avril 21, 2023
Hi! I've recently started deep-diving into what I would consider more advanced parts of HubSpot, and I've realized that one crucial property I use in various workflows is stored as a string instead of an integer, which limits how I can use it with Lire la suite
0 Mention J'aime
2 Réponses
Mai 18, 2023 17:04
Hi @MiaSrebrnjak ! Do you have any other people who might be able to help with this that you could tag to get their eyes on it?
cpeppas le Avril 14, 2023
It is common that a customer will sign up -> stay for a period of time -> cancel... and then come back later -> cancel... repeating the process (again). How are you guys differentiating these repeat signups/cancels from the "normal" cus Lire la suite
2 Mentions J'aime
4 Réponses
Accepted Solution
Leader d'opinion | Partenaire solutions Elite
Avril 24, 2023 08:51
@cpeppas in thinking through this, your idea on the custom property that adds each time they cancel seems like the best solution. I don't se...Lire la suite
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