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What does a 'good' customer experience look like?

I recently signed up for Chewy.com because my pup needs some new medication. Ordering the medication online was so easy because they call your vet to verify the prescription. I didn't have to do anything except buy it! Usually there is some phone calls and a fax/email back and forth that I usually have to facilitate in order to buy medication from anywhere other than my vet. It was awesome!


(By the way, I've been informed that I am totally late to the game with Chewy. I'm here now though!)


It got me thinking: we as Ops professionals also care about the customer experience; i'ts our job to create the frictionless internal operating system for the best external customer experience. What are some great customer experiences that you've encountered recently, and what made them so great? Any lessons we can apply to our own work?



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What does a 'good' customer experience look like?

Hi maggiebutler,


It's pretty cool reading this story and seeing just how far customer experience has grown as a whole in businesses and that it's becoming more and more of a center piece for competitiveness!


Not really an external customer experience story but something myself and our team at Cradle have built and found to dramatically improve the experience for our own customer's, customer. We've built a feature called contact-owner routing ~ basically, the theory is that when a prospect, lead, opportunity or customer calls into your business. It should be a frictionless and painless experience for both parties. That means, none of this 'what's your name', 'please hold', 'what did we last chat about', 'I can't help' etc...


The goal was to consolidate your business numbers to just 1 number so that when someone calls into your business they will be routed directly to the point of contact that has the relationship with the customer and likewise your team have all the information about the call right at a glance. 


The overall experience when you can just call a business and connect to the right person and have your question answered is truly an amazing one and leaves everyone walking away satisfied. 


Feel free to check us out 🙂





What does a 'good' customer experience look like?

Chewy also sends handwritten cards and includes a treat for your dog in the package, hope I didn't spoil the surprise for your dog 🙂 They've replaced an expensive medication for me as well when it was delayed in shipping, I ended up with an extra bottle. My vet is also 25 mins away so it saves me a trip there to pick up meds  (my dog has a lot of permanent health issues!)

Great customer experience for sure!


One lesson to apply to our own work is to make sure we don't ignore the human touch or human side of ops when we are looking to automate everything. At Chewy a human is writing those cards and probably making those phone calls to vets as well, those things may not be able to be automated easily or be very efficient but they make all the difference in the end customer experience.


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