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The pros and cons of centralizing your Ops team

Last week in our Road to RevOps event, our EVP of RevOps Alison Elworthy talked a lot about centralization in operations.


One way we've centralized our operations teams at HubSpot is literally through a new org chart. We've taken our GTM operations teams (Marketing, Sales, Services) and centralized them under one person, and one department.


But you don't actually have to re-org to centralize your operations. In fact, creating tight alignment on the systems, processes and data you are using on your GTM Ops team is another way you can centralize with RevOps. RevOps is a mindset, a practice and an organization method.


What do you think -- do you see any cons to centralizing with RevOps? What are they, and what have you experience? 

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The pros and cons of centralizing your Ops team

Welcome new Community users  @PLachance @PPedersen @PRyan @RBetancourt @rorycs @RBucholtz @samiam1 @SamR @STarkleson @SKyolova @SShumylo @SCooke @SHolzmann @SPanda  @SWarren @TAllred @TJeffcoat @tominal @TMyers @UBhatt wanted to share our Operations resources, have you experienced the pros and cons of centralizing your Ops team?


Thank you!


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