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Starting a referral program. Any tips?

Does anyone have a customer referral program that's working well? We're looking to launch ours in Q1 2021 but I'd love to hear what has worked for others. We’re B2B, moderate average deal size. Looking for any pitfalls to be aware of, how you incentivize customers to join the program, and operations tips (how do you manage it?). Thanks!

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Starting a referral program. Any tips?

Hi @Lenz_Sarah - our business is much different than what you described (we're a b2c, with mostly self-service transactions), so I don't know if our program specifics would be helpful, but I can share that we use Referral Rock to manage the program. We've found it to be very flexible with a solid integration to Hubspot, plus the Referral Rock team was very helpful with onboarding and set up to get the integration working well.