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Question about Survey Integrations

Hi all,


Haven't had any luck thus far finding an answer to the below question, so figured I'd toss it to the group here and see if there is better luck.


My company has used SurveyMonkey to gather feedback from our org's members since before we began using Hubspot, so when we moved to Hubspot I naturally integrated SurveyMonkey in. We ask for feedback in "real time" as members are attending events, and then also send longer surveys at the end of the year that again ask for feedback on events plus a number of other topics.


Question is: Is there a way for that end-of-year survey to be "smart"--meaning we already know, for example, if Contact A previously provided feedback on Event X, so the survey knows to skip the questions about Event X.


I am by no means tied to SurveyMonkey here, and am truly not sure if what I'm looking for exists. But essentially trying to use the data we have stored in a contact profile in Hubspot to inform a third-party survey site that I already know what that person thinks of that event, so we can skip those questions.


Perhaps a Hubspot form? Have others used Hubspot forms as a more traditional survey tool?



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Question about Survey Integrations

Hi @mphelps2 - good question! I can see why you'd want to avoid duplicate question asking, but if events are a key part of your business you'd also want to ensure you have a chance to gather their feedback through either survey.


I won't be able to speak SurveyMonkey's survey functionality, but would encourage you to reach out to their team to ask if they have the ability to drop questions you've previously gathered.


I have seen HubSpot forms be used as lightweight surveys, typically on a one-column landing page with a very simple design. That would be a way to "know" if they've completed the event survey/question before - assuming that prior survey data lives as a contact property in HubSpot (or could be mapped to a property via workflow).


Another idea if you want to stick with SurveyMonkey - what do you think about creating a few versions of your annual survey? One version would be for people who didn't complete any of the event surveys throughout the year, and the other versions would be for people who did complete an event survey. Then, you could segment lists of those contacts in HubSpot, and email them the right survey. This would help solve for the concern of asking questions you already know, however, it would mean creating multiple SurveyMonkey annual surveys.


Hope this helps! Feel free to reply back with any follow-up questions.