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Pipeline Management

Hey team. Looking to setup a pipeline structure for a services business. All they're interested in tracking is a new business (Entirely new customer) or Existing Business (anything new under a current customer) 

What would be the better option her:
A. Two Pipelines (Existing & New)
B. One simple pipeline with a property to identify the types 

Any other ideas welcome. 

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Hall of Famer | Partner

Pipeline Management

Hi @timo1,


Separate pipelines should typically be used when the pipeline stages between sales or service processes differ. If you can find a way that all deals go through the same stages, without moving backward and without skipping pipeline stages (especially eixisting customer deals not skipping any stages in a combined pipeline), then one pipeline is the way to go.


If you feel like new and existing customers have slightly different pipeline stages to go through, you would create two pipelines.


The reason for this is that many HubSpot sales collections reports assume that contacts go through each pipeline stage. Skipping will either break that report or not give you the information it could otherwise hold.


Best regards!

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