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Multi-brand Lead Scoring

Hi All,


Hubspot has been operational in my organisation for about 2-3 years, we have about 7 products (brands), operate across the global and have about 10-20 marketers.


Each of the marketers can request lead scoring rules to be added and is usually required when a new piece of content is available or when a specific CTA requires points on particular campaigns.


Shortly after starting my role, I was told from my predecessor that Hubspot scores have a rule limit of around 200 rules.

Our Hubspot Score was close to this when I joined and with us centralise our marketing in Hubspot globally, we decided to create some additional score fields based on region so not all the rules overloaded one scoring field.


Current Setup:

Hubspot Score (Used solely for 1 product that's marketed heavy - globally)

EMEA (Used for all other products and marketing team activity in that region)

APAC (Used for all other products and marketing team activity in that region)


100 points is our marketing target for a lead to become an MQL.

To reduce the rule amount on our Hubspot score I merged several 100 point scoring rules into 1 workflow enrollment an used this single workflow to allocate 100 points (This freed about 10-15 rules)


Time has passed and we are close to 200 rules on our Hubspot score once again.


Two things that I wondered if anyone in this group is able to advise us-

1. Does anyone know the actual limit of scoring rules and what happens if we go over? i.e. Are rules created over this limit no longer applied to the calculation?


2. Has anyone in this group experienced this lead scoring issue before and what steps have you taken to resolve/ future proof?


Thanks for reading


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Multi-brand Lead Scoring

I haven't run into the issue. However, I have two scoring properties, Engagement Score & Qualification Score that group together rules. I have another calculated field property called composite score that combines and weights the two scores so it totals 100 points.

Composite Score =

(ES / MAX-ES-POINTS * 100 * 0.6) + (QS / MAX-QS-POINTS * 100 * 0.4). 

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HubSpot Employee

Multi-brand Lead Scoring

@ndwilliams3 I thought I recognized your picture! Long time no talk. Hope all is well! Miss talking with you

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HubSpot Employee

Multi-brand Lead Scoring

Hi Terry,


Thank you for the thorough post, and the great questions you posed. I'd be happy to help address your points, and hopefully provide some valuable guidance as you revisit your company's lead scoring models.


First, before we jump in I did want to share this article which includes foundational info on setting up a score property in HubSpot. Two notes are worth highlighting in response to your question about max attributes - "you can add up to 100 attributes" and within a related link, "enterprise customers can create up to 25 score properties". The latter was a more recent update, and could unlock some doors for your team (more below). If the attribute limit still poses issues for your team, I'd recommend giving this related idea an upvote and comment so our product team sees your feedback. 


As for your current setup and ideas for the future, I'd first like to reflect on the regional scoring models that exist today. Are there distinct attributes for EMEA vs APAC? Or are they more or less the same attributes? What I've typically seen in these scenarios, is a team use scoring to identify the most quality leads based on engagement and demographic traits (which are usually the same across markets), and then triage the quality leads to different sales teams depending on the location of the lead. Meaning there's only one score, and then separate actions in a workflow to alert different sales teams based on separate location info (like a "country" property). If the attributes don't vary much across your markets, then this approach could be an opportunity to streamline the scoring models into one main lead score.


Conversely, another approach I've seen could be an opportunity for you to expand the number of lead scores in use. This approach is to create lead scores that are specific to each product/service a business sells to customers. By doing so, your team will be able to indentify which product(s) a prospect is most interested in when they are first passed as a lead. This can also help teams better identify cross-sell opportunities within your current customer base.


Examples of attributes that are product specific could be page views that contain a certain sub-folder that's product-specific, forms that are product-specific, or questions gathered where answers indicate product(s) that a prospect is interested in, just to name a few ideas.


I hope these ideas help you along in your goal of creating a better lead scoring approach. Let me know if you have any follow-up thoughts or questions!





Multi-brand Lead Scoring

Hi Andrew,


Thank you for the response and detailed feedback - much appreciated


All our scores are definitely distinct and are based on the marketing activities the marketing teams do for each region.

(Expect our 'Hubspot Score' which is actually a product score for 1 of our products)


The idea to split scores by product would be a good move for the points you you raise and is something I'll investigate and likely push to our business.


Although I am still concerned this is not going to resolve the issue around the Hubspot rule limitation. I can see us easily outgrowing the 100 limit as an example-

Our APAC score has been running for just under 5 months if I look at the rules within this score, I can see 20 rules already to 1 product.


I have upvoted and will comment on the idea link you shared - thank you for this.

I do feel this is duplicating previous ideas on the same subject and has been raised in different variations throughout this forum.

2017 for example - https://community.hubspot.com/t5/HubSpot-Ideas/Major-Improvements-Needed-for-Hubspot-Scoring/idi-p/1...


Kind Regards,


HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Multi-brand Lead Scoring

@TerryB  Jumping in with my two cents here as well- do you feel like this lead scoring approach is scalable and accurate for your teams? Do they find the leads being handed over are accurate? Many Operations Admins I work with find that adding new lead score criteria for every new campaign can be overwhelming. Instead, they run an analysis on the commonalities among contacts who end up becoming their best customers and look at what activity happened before they were handed to sales. Instead of distinct pageviews, they might have criteria like:


  • number of pageviews >7 within X days
  • has seen a page containing "product" in the URL
  • number of form submissions>10
  • number of marketing emails clicked >3

This approach allows a more scalable approach as your campaigns continue to meet the everchanging needs and focus areas of the business.