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MRR + Variable Revenue forecasting

Hi All,


My company has two revenue streams

  1. SaaS revenue based on number of users on the platform (MRR)
  2. Variable revenue that is dependent on how many offices a customer books any given month

We currently have all of our transactions in stripe, but looking for a way to tie that data back to Hubspot. What are best practices to track this revenue in Hubspot and how have others forecasted revenue when you have a revenue stream that is variable. 

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Contributor | Diamond Partner
Contributor | Diamond Partner

MRR + Variable Revenue forecasting

Hi Liza,

Did you find a solution for the MMR forecasting? I have a similar question from a client.

Thank you, Christian

Community Manager
Community Manager

MRR + Variable Revenue forecasting

Hello @lougable, thank you for posting your question in our Community! I would like to invite our top experts @Drew_Cohen @mariomaier any recommendations to @lougable matter?


Thank you,


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