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Lead and Contact assignment based on calendar

Want to make my world a bit more beautiful?
In a perfect world these two scenarios would be solved:

1. New lead comes in to HS, and is then assigned based on a rep's (SDR or AE's) "real-time and updated"(rt) calendar availability.
2. Contact is reassigned from AE to an SDR based on SDR's "on shift/off shift"(oo) calendar availability.

RT: reps would keep calendars open when available, removing no-show meetings would then trigger availability, leads would then round robin assign to those with an opening.
OO: calendars would indicate simply days and hours available for lead assignment.


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Recognized Expert | Diamond Partner

Lead and Contact assignment based on calendar

Hi @PDrews and Thanks for the tag @PamCotton .


Agree with @TomM2 on this one and don't have any great workarounds for you.

- Trevor
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Key Advisor | Partner

Lead and Contact assignment based on calendar

Thanks for the tag @PamCotton  

@PDrews  the "availability" feature is honestly a huge hole in HubSpot's system. I know they're working on this right now though so I believe it's a feature that will be out this year. However, at the moment there's really no way to set assignments based on availability outside of manually updating your assignment rules. 

Tom Mahon
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Lead and Contact assignment based on calendar

Excited to hear this is in the works @TomM2, thanks for sharing the update!


Like @trevordjones, I also don't have any workarounds @PDrews - other than keeping your fingers crossed and building out our your process map to have it ready to go for when the new feature is rolled out!


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Lead and Contact assignment based on calendar

Hey @PDrews, thank you for posting in our Community!


I would recommend creating a workflow automation in HubSpot that triggers when a new lead comes in. You can also implement a round-robin logic if multiple representatives are available.


To our top experts @TomM2, @Jnix284 and @trevordjones do you have any recommendations for @PDrews?


Thank you,



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