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Introducing HubSpot Admin Tools!

Hi Admins!


I’m Flora Wang and I’m the Product Manager of the new HubSpot Admin Tools that were announced yesterday at INBOUND! I’m so happy that we are able to give our admins more and better tools to do their jobs.


Flora_0-1634303398037.jpegI’ve been at HubSpot for almost 6 years and in that time I’ve helped customers as a Customer Support Rep, talked to prospects as a Solution Engineer, and now finally building for customers as a Product Manager! I’ve previously worked on our Chrome Extension and Outlook Add-in and in this past year I’ve been focused on building Admin tools.


This year we’ve built a new suite of tools to help admins set up their users, anticipate issues, and troubleshoot throughout the portal. Now you can manage users via SCIM, create users from permission sets, audit your portal, and even impersonate your users to troubleshoot issues. We are really excited to bring these new experiences to HubSpot Admins.


The team and I will be doing an AMA (text-based) in the week of October 25 here in the community! Don’t miss it, because we will be available throughout the week to answer each and every question you have for us about the new Admin tools.


Looking forward to chatting with everyone! 

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