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Indirect Sales Attribution

Hey looking for recommendations for anyone that has a similar use case that can assist. 


We are an HR SaaS company and we currently sell direct and through benefits brokers. So in our database we have broker leads to market to and HR personas. I am looking for automated options to tag indirect sales and leads that come from our broker network in our system so we know they are a broker referral and not our usual marketing tactics. 


The options i currently can think of are the following but these are manual: 

- Broker specific tracking links

- Custom object (sales would have to tag this manually)


Are there any other options I am missing to optimize this process?

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Indirect Sales Attribution

Hi. You could create a workflow that updates a property whenever a lead comes from the broker network. You could set it up something like: If "recent conversion" contains any of "unique broker network data", tag the contact/object as a referral. 

I created a Referral program and used ID's to track where leads came from which worked well. You could also have a hidden field in a form so when a lead fills out a form via the broker network it automatically tags them as a Referral. I'd need to know a little more about your processes here to help though sorry!