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If Close Dates change how can this affect other properties?

Hi All 

I really like the new additions to conditional properties etc, it has enabled us to take some major steps.


I am now looking to solve the challenge of an area that conditional properties don't address. 


In our Sales/ Customer process, there are several key dates - Close Date, Onboarding Date and Go Live Date. 

All of which we are forecasting pre agreement to give our delivery team a view of what is coming. 


Most of the time the team are pretty good in remembering that when they update the close date they need to update the onboarding and go live date. But often this can be forgotten and management need to do lots of chasing. 

Is there a way similar to conditional property logic set a prompt of some kind for - "If Close Date is changed, then Onboarding Deate and Go Live Date need to be reviewed".


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If Close Dates change how can this affect other properties?

Hi @JMiddleton2,


You can achieve this using workflows that generate a task or notification when the close date is updated in the last day, but the other date properties are not updated (see printscreen).

If there are too many tasks/notifications/workflows I generally suggest to use a data quality dashboards instead that highlights these deals so the team can review these on a weekly/daily basis.



Hope this helps!

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Jonas De Mets
HubSpot Revenue Operations & Co-Founder @ Koalify 

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