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Conferences management

I want to start tracking our conferences inside HubSpot - to fill and analyze how many leads came from this conference and if some leads converted to deals,
How many participants from our company (user) were at the conference, where it was, expenses, etc...

Any idea how to do that? 

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Conferences management

Hi, thank you for recommending Insycle @EsteeH. Just wanted to drop in here to provide a little more context on our association features for @IZabarsky.


  • Associate any record type in bulk, automatically on a set schedule, or inject Insycle into HubSpot Workflows. There's an article on the topic. So you could have Insycle automatically create associations immediately after a record hits your database. 
  • Associate in bulk, for any record type, including bulk control of labels. You can use any field in your database as a potential matching field. 
  • Handle child-parent associations if relevant. 
  • Create associations from CSV on import all within Insycle. Or, import the deals and then make associations if required. 
  • Use any field as a matching field for association and use flexible matching options (exact match vs similar match, ignore whitespace/numbers/symbols/common terms (inc, co, LLC), matching only a portion of a field). 
  • Match using related fields (like matching using phone number to mobile phone number, or "Company Phone" on the contact object, to "Phone" on the company object. 
  • Create associations based on existing associations for other objects. I bold this because it sounds like it might be perfect for your use case. For example, you could say — if contacts that are associated with this company are also associated with a deal, the company should also be associated with that deal. 

Hope that helps! If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask here or shoot me a DM and I can see if it would help your use case. 

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Conferences management

Hey @IZabarsky


You can do this in a Pro account by creating a registration form and adding the form to a campaign. You'll be able to see the impact of the event on your revenue. If you also want to track internal attendees, have them complete the form as well! 


If you do have an Enterprise account, I would recommend creating an Events custom object, as well as using the campaign. This way, you'll be able to associate contact records with association labels for Registered, Attended and Internal and be able to build reports on all of these. It will require a bit of automation to ensure this doesn't become an admin overload, but using tools like Insycle or Associ8 will allow you to create associations automatically. 


Hope that helps!


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Conferences management

Hi @IZabarsky happy to share some ideas around tracking leads from conferences.


If you aren't using event software, one of the easiest ways is with the SimpleEvents.io integration, with the free version you can create unlimited events, automatically create forms, manage attendees, and more.


@MrJustinGivens with image in a box (the makers of the integration) would be better at answering your questions about possibilities tracking internal participant information (budget, expenses and conference details can be tracked with the Campaigns tool to centralize everything).

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