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Capturing abandoned carts or last viewed products using HubSpot forms?

Hey everyone,

Do you own an eCommerce store?

Are you using HubSpot forms to capture leads?

If the answer is no then you must be missing the advantage.


HubSpot tracks user behavior on your site and it collects a lot of information that can help you personalize buyers' experience.


Collecting user data from HubSpot forms gives the leverage to centralize data, and hook it directly to the CRM.


It’s really frustrating to have customers who leave you without completing a purchase. 

In order to beat them, it’s important to utilize some tricky strategies to recover your potential sales. And you know what, HubSpot form can help you do this.

Try replacing your website forms with HubSpot forms to get clearer insights into what your visitors are looking for, in your store. 


Yes, you read it right!


But do you know how? Let’s explore more about it.


  • Along with HubSpot forms, there exists the HubSpot Tracking code on our website which is so powerful that we can then attach much more information to any contact record created through form submissions. 


  • Upon a fresh form submission by the user, HubSpot tracking code identifies them and saves a cookie value on their browser; which in turn can be used to extend the contact record information in several ways. 


The best part that I explored on myself was how easy it is to get the contact email address using HUTK value and then posting it back to HubSpot with more added property values. 


So doing this way, I like the feature of tracking abandoned cart items as well as what my visitors are browsing throughout their session.

Additionally, you can then easily list and track down your abandoned carts or last viewed products with HubSpot forms.

And the savior part is that these forms are fully customizable. You can select the type of form you are interested in, select action, customize it, create email workflow based on website viewer behavior.


Are you excited to know how it really works? Can I sync more insights to contact records as soon as they subscribe on my website? Ping me!


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