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By default activities in Hubspot getting assigned to integration user

Hi team,

At this stage, activities in Hubspot get added as tasks in SFDC to integration users - this only happens if there is no contact owner mentioned in Hubspot. If the contact owner is known then those get assigned to the particular owner in SFDC.

Is there a way, even if a contact owner is known in Hubspot the task will get assigned to the integration user and not to the contact owner?

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Community Manager
Community Manager

By default activities in Hubspot getting assigned to integration user

Hey @rulpats, thank you for posting in our Community!


You can utilize our workflow automation to set up a rule that overrides the default task assignment. By creating a workflow that triggers when a task is created or when specific criteria are met, you can automatically assign tasks to the integration user regardless of the contact owner.

Another approach is to create a custom property that designates the task assignee. This custom property can be used in conjunction with workflow automation to ensure tasks are consistently assigned to the integration user.


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