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Best way to track our ACV with Hubspot's Quoting Tool (Current ACV isn't accurate)



I'm trying to find the best way to set up goals for our sales team so I can track progress from Hubspot. We're looking to track ACV-  defined as the total contract value for the first year.  However, we're seeing issues with Hubspot's native quoting tool and default acv field.

When we add Vine items for different years and set the link start date to the future we still see those future line items counting towards our ACV.

Here is an example:


We have an enterprise subscription and professional services that are both recurring. Year 1 is discounted for both. 


In Year 2&3 the price is the same for both years with enterprise being $112,500 each year, and the professional services being $75k each year. 


TCV would be $462,500.

ARR in Year 1 would be: $87,500

ARR in Year 2&3 would be: 187,500

The ACV field in Hubspot is $275,000 for this deals. 
The ACV as we want to count this would be $87,500. 

We can see this amount in the "subtotal", but how could I create a property to track only line items in year 1 of a deal as a property. 

Is this possible? Would love any feedback or help. I've been struggling with multi-year deals and ARR. Specifically if its a ramping tier (EX: Year 1: 5k, Year 2: 10k, Year 3: 15k) It always show them all as the ARR when that's not correct. But that seems like a different type of post that I've seen some people ask about as well. 


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Best way to track our ACV with Hubspot's Quoting Tool (Current ACV isn't accurate)

I have this same issue. We have tiered pricing and it does not reflect the correct ACV for the current year. It is super frustrsting so we have to adjust the TCV to make sure year 1 is correct. This makes years 2 and 3 incorrect 😞


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Best way to track our ACV with Hubspot's Quoting Tool (Current ACV isn't accurate)

Hi @DrewSlade,


This is a challenge with HubSpot's default tools. I haven't found a great workaround when there is more complex pricing, such as different amounts for subsequent years.


In the past, we have used DealHub.io to handle these more complex CPQ needs.


Here's an idea on the HubSpot Community Ideas forum. I recommend upvoting it!





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