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Balancing Platforms for Sales and Operations

Hi All. I am looking to see if anyone has had experience balancing the use of HubSpot and Connectwise. We are about to launch the use of Connectwise as our PSA. Even though there is an integration with HubSpot, Our operations team is already trying to push Connectwise and a CRM. I am looking to find out other experience, lessons learned and Best Practice they have for integrating these two platforms.



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Community Manager
Community Manager

Balancing Platforms for Sales and Operations

Hi @JWilliamsFTTS,

Love this, that's exactly what the Community is about, thank you!

I'd be happy to put you in touch with some of our our Top Experts and our Community Members who also use this integration "ConnectWise PSA": 

Hi @waj, @candiceann, @FransLeys, @acohen32, @GCampbell1, @johnelmer, @GreyHamilton are you still using this integration?
If yes, can you share your best practices, tips and experience with it to help @JWilliamsFTTS, please?

Also, if anybody else has anything to add and/or share, please feel free to join in the conversation 🙂

Thank you so much ❤️ and have a brilliant day!


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