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Automate "Lead Status" property

Hi guys!

I would like to automate some of the options in the "Lead Status" property so my SDRs will be able to track and automate their work around that.

The new options that i've set for that are:

  • New:
    • DefinitionThese are leads you have not yet reached out to.
    • Criteria - Lifecycle Stage = Lead
  • Attempted to Contact:
    • DefinitionThese are leads you have tried to reach out to but haven't been able to successfully connect with yet.
    • Criterianeed help here
  • Connected:
    • DefinitionThese are leads you've been able to make contact with but are not yet opportunities. A lead with this status may still be waiting on a booked meeting with a decision-maker on their team or may still be working to establish a budget.
    • Criteria - “Recent sales email replied date” = is known
      “First marketing email reply date” = is Known
  • Open Deal:
    • DefinitionThese are leads that have expressed interest in buying your product or service. You've already opened a deal with them.
    • Criteria - Lifecycle Stage = Opportunity
  • Customer:
    • DefinitionContact is a paying customer
    • Criteria - Lifecycle Stage = Customer
  • Bad Timing:
    • DefinitionContact has expressed timing isn't right / For some reason we dont want to sell them currentlly but we probably will want in the future.
    • Criteria - Manual 

  • Unqualified:
    • DefinitionContact flagged for removal.
    • Criteria - Manual 
  • Nurture:
    • DefinitionContact had been flagged by a rep / sdr as contact who needs a nudge from our Marketing nurture.
    • Criteria - Manual 


In the criteiria for the "Attempted to Contact" option I havent found a property that will let me know for sure if we have ever tried to contact them via email. I know that "Last activity date" is known might be a solution for that but it will be changed once a note / task would be submitted so this is a usecase in which it wont reflect what we want to show. I would appreciate to hear what do you guys think about all of those and particulary help with this case. 



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Contributor | Partner

Automate "Lead Status" property

Hi @SCohen5 , to update the Lead Status to "Attempted to Contact" you can create a workflow where contacts are only enrolled if they have an activity where the Email Send Status = sent. See below.




Jenna Haber