What's the coolest thing you've built on / with HubSpot?

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Recently I was thinking about a process I designed a few years ago to help Marketers determine the right language for email marketing sends. Our users have several options and 'places' to change their language, so we needed a system to determine what was the source of truth and how we could use that data in our Marketing. I used contact properities, lists and workflows to make it all happen. It was really fun to work with the Marketers and create something that not only helped them, but helped our customers, too.


What's the coolest thing you've built on HubSpot? How did it work?

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This is a great question @maggiebutler!


I am especially proud of a time I was able to use HubSpot to help plan a family wedding - I was able to automate the process of guests selecting their entree and sharing food alergies (through an email and form), requesting songs, and creating a virtual guest book for the bride and groom. While it isn't the most technical project, it was fun to see the power of HubSpot in a creative environment. And I'm happy to say that everyone's order was correct! 😄 


Tagging in @karstenkoehler, @trevorjones71@Champion, and @KeyWestScott - what is the coolest thing you've built with HubSpot?

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Joining HubSpot has been one of the best decisions in my life for fueling my creative energy. There's never a dull moment and always an opportunity to create something new (and partner with other like-minded people to get a boost in resources). 


For me, creating HubSpot Academy's Content Marketing Certification Course has been the most rewarding experience to date. Why? This was a mega undertaking in the early days of HubSpot Academy when processes weren't yet established. There was a lot to figure out and I was up for the challenge. The real payoff (still today) is seeing hundreds of thousands of people growing their lives and careers with this content. It's initiatives like this that inspire and motivate me to never settle. 

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Thanks for the Tag @jennysowyrda and sorry it has taken me a bit of time to reply!


I once built Digital Contract and digital signature process using an two HubSpot forms, an Email and a CTA button that satisfied our legal team's concerns without having to go to Docusign, etc for outside help.  


I also remember being at Inbound and hearing about LeadIN (now Marketing Free) for the first time.  I figured I would see if I could get it working on my personal blog on Blogger.  Thing is, Blogger didn't care much for the LeadIn embed code.  I figured out how to hack the code so I could get Pop-Ups and captured forms, etc working on my blog.  


Those are two of my favorites from the past 11 years!



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Love this question 😀

A couple of things I have worked on that I enjoyed were

1. Building out a continuous integration system with GitHub Actions.   This was before HubSpot added this to the Boilerplate so I felt ahead of the game. 

2.  Although I never fully completed this, I really enjoyed working on adding Percy to my continuous integration.  I should get that project back up an running!


@Kevin-C , @piersg , @Anton , @Gonzalo@tjoyce  -- I know you all have built cool things.  Tell us all about it! 



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A chat bot for employee monitoring software. That`s my first project and you can test it on link above

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Thanks @dennisedson 


Awesome discussion @maggiebutler !


I think the coolest things I've built would be a visual ADA compliance tester for the content manager!

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@dennisedson probably my function to get autocomplete suggestions from a HubDB (also works to search through child tables) and you can click on a suggestion to go to the HubDB generated page. Doesn't seem that cool now that I've written it out haha.


I know @tjoyce and Cam Sechrist (I don't know his handle) have made very cool stuff with JS frameworks that I'm also getting into a bit now myself.

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Thank you for starting this thread, @maggiebutler! And thanks for tagging @jennysowyrda.


A recent project that I'm proud of would be a bi-lingual opt-in process, respecting ~20 different company addresses in the email footers and including smart variations for first-timers and returning contacts (who chose not to interact with the opt-in email the first time around). The workflows stamp custom properties which allow me to neatly visualize our opt-in rate over time, by office and language.


The whole construct is also built in a way that auto-notifies me if something goes wrong (i.e. if a contact ends up in a branch where they shouldn't end up) – probably one of the most neglected use cases for internal notifications.


(As I write this, I notice that this is probably only cool if you've been exposed to German data privacy legislation for a long time.)


Another project would be data quality dashboards I've created for some Enterprise portals. These are painful to look but really help to identify the causes of bad data quality. (e.g. policy hard bounces by key account company names, inaccurate legal basis for data processing by team, engagement or lack thereof by team)



Karsten Köhler
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thanks for linking @dennisedson 


My priorities are:

  • usability for the marketer/customer
  • most possible flexibility (without losing usability) to use each module/function on different projects/customer


With this in mind here some some things that I've done(most of those things for templates and not themes;don't like templates)

  • A whole "multi-col row-modules" with a ton of options like
    • optional row headline text-field with a h-tag selector(since the marketer will mostlikly just copy/paste from word or similar)
    • optional column headline text with h-tag selector
    • column size (always equals 12)
    • image,rich-text,form,meeting,video selector for each column
    • ...
      This was a fun project which I still use for customers who still working on the "old" themplates. And I've done a theme version since some customers don't want the "build everything your own"-way. 
  • a completly configurable hero with a ton of options like 
    • select for backgorund-type(image,color,gradient) and all the needed configurations for this particular background-type
    • seperate background image options for tablet and mobile with options to move them individually(had the request from a customer
  • "beatiful" flexbox social sharing/follow module with configurable colors for each state(default,hover/focus), shadow and animation settings, predefined networks URLs (even whatsapp, telegram) for sharing
  • some evergreen "quickies" I always use/recomend are:
    • hadline with h-tag selector (if I notice that the customer is a "word"-type who is not interested in optimizing the source code and just copy/pastes everyting)
      <{{ module.select_name }}>{{ module.text_name }}</{{ module.select_name }}>
      {# I've placed all h-tags as values in the select function #}​
    • image-lightboxex. Since HubSpot doesn't offer the option by default and a few customers requested them in the past. Kinda neat and light-weight feature/module


Currently I'm thinking about a "beautiful real shadow image/video module" which will calculate and drop a "real" shadow based on the image/video since a "black" shadow is a UI no-go 🙂 Maybe paired with shine.js


Other ideas are top-secret right now





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I am in the process of using a custom object to build a referral partner directory that

  • Attaches partners to deals, contacts, and companies
  • Tracks and reports on the deals the partners are part of
  • Automates reminders for commissions payments (eventually automating payments once the QuickBooks integration is upgraded and a few other things are possible on the Quickbooks side)
  • Lets our team search for relevant partners to refer
  • Automates communication with partners
  • Perhaps hooking into a partner "portal" of some type where the partner can log in and check their deals in progress, past payments, etc (likely a 2022 dream).
  • More things I am probably not thinking of off the top of my head!

    I don't have details yet since we just got the object two weeks ago so it's been a lot of testing and breaking and fixing and workarounds so far.


For a 10 person agency, we like to stretch HubSpot to its limits...and beyond! 🙂


Jen Bergren

Senior Operation Manager

Remotish -- A HubSpot RevOps Agency

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For me this would be a combination of using the chatflow tool together with workflows.


I've built a chatbot that calculates the price of your future bathroom for a bathroom renovator: 

  • the chatbot asks for your bathroom preferences
  • the chatbot launches a few workflows with over 900 components in them (sometimes HubSpot could not handle it and just crashed on me)
  • this chatbot has been generating lots of leads per month for that client since I launched it over a year ago
  • the user actually talks about their budget without realising it and before they talk to sales
  • this is the best lead qualification they could dream of
  • if the budget is too high, they just simulate another bathroom
  • the bot sends an email after the calculation has been done (take just 2 minutes). 
  • and of course a lead nurturing workflow starts to get the user to make an appointment

This was a lot of work but totally worth is. These kind of calculators are applicable to a lot of businesses and are really good lead generators. 


best regards,

Dominique Verniers

Siteworx, HubSpot Solution Partner in Belgium


I would love to see how a calculator like this works @DominiqueV ! Any examples you can share? [It sounds really amazing]

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Hi Lindsey, 


Sure you can test the chat bot at https://www.dagmar-buysse.be/

It's in Dutch but the questions are multiple choice so you should get through it. 

I think it's active on all pages. 


It's really not rocket science, it just was a lot of work. 

Also this chatbot was built before HubSpot optimize its workflows tool last year. 

So I'm pretty sure I won't need as much components today as I needed then. 


High-level it goes like this: 

  • the client provided met with a spreadsheet with hundreds of rows with all parameters that influence the final price
  • the pricing logic was completely built with workflows
  • the chatbot acts as input
  • the only thing I couldn't do is: show the price immediately in the chatbot, the workflows need time to process, I can't have the chatbot wait for the output and show the price. 
  • so I solved that with a simple delay of 2 minutes
  • and then I deliver the price throught email which also gave me an excuse the ask for their email address (which is the goals of the bot of course)
  • when the lead also take the next step, and want to talk to sales, I automatically create a deal and asssign it to the manager who manually assigns it to a sales rep. 
  • and then a whole set of sales automation workflows get started to guide the rep through the sales process

So that's it actually. Lots of work but totally worth it. 


best regards,

Dominique Verniers

Siteworx, HubSpot Solution Partner in Belgium



This is amazing Dominique, thank you for sharing!

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One thing I'm very proud of and thankful for is being able to help write and produce the official Academy Course on PieSync

For the longest time, PieSync had been this black box solution. After the acquisition, this was a great opportunity because now we had a platform to properly unveil some of the "magic" of the sync engine. And also to educate and share some of our thoughts on the growing industry of IPAAS: when to use what kind of solutions: PieSync vs Zapier, import vs sync. 


In terms of production quality, it's definitely not on par with most of the other courses. We didn't really have the proper equipment to do so, but it was a huge learning experience to make the best with the tools that we on hand.

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There is nothing exciting about what I built but I was really happy with the outcome. 


I once built a relatively simple report that, till that point, was built by hand and took the responsible person 3 full days to create each and every month. That I made that employee 15% more productive (and probably happier in their job) indefinitely made me a pretty happy camper.

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