What role does the customer experience play in your operations strategy?

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As we get ready for this week's live discussions on tech stacks and building ops teams, we're thinking a lot about the customer experience, because we'll be talking a lot about the customer experience!


(Specifically, check out Friday's session for more on customer experience)


In your operations strategy, role or in your operations department, how often do you think about the customer experience and how your work is connected? Do you feel like your work impacts how potential buyers interact with your brand? Who is your 'customer', anyway?

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A huge role IMHO. It's the "true north" along with revenue that we have to keep an eye on. Solving for one thing without considering the upstream and downstream effects for customer experience (and employee experience) is a mistake. We care so much we even created a RevOps Manifesto for people to take with them!


We define the purpose of RevOps:

The purpose of RevOps is to seek balance and trade-offs between enhancing the customer experience and increasing an organization’s operational efficiency, velocity, profitability, and drive more revenue throughout the customer lifecycle.

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A lot! Though we are a high-touch service business, so customer experience for us is different in some ways than customer experience for an online product like software, we have more focus on current customers interacting with our team one-on-one as CX, compared to a self-service software company whose CX focus may be potential buyers using their website or customers getting answers through the site. Though we will focus more on the pre-sales side of things later this year as we revamp our website to make our offerings and pricing clearer and easier to purchase.

Your questions about who is the customer of ops is a tricky one I've heard debates about, should we be treating the sales, marketing, and CS teams (employees) as the customer of Ops, or not, while also factoring in the end customer experience... I would love to hear other's answers! It plays into the balance or debate about being strategic vs. being order-takers or support desk.


I do consider enablement and change management as part of Ops, which does address the needs of the team like they were customers in some ways otherwise our tools, systems, processes, etc will not be used or useful. Though that is another debate I've seen, is enablement part of Ops 😉 Usually ending in our favorite answer of "it depends."


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