What resources/experiences have you found most influential in up-skilling up on the data front?

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For folks in July 1's Operations Series session on data: what has helped you grow your data and reporting skills?


This could be a course or other more formal education process, or an experience that taught you something significant about data/reporting.

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I took this course remotely - got me back into SQL queries. Very doable within your work week! https://generalassemb.ly/education/data-analytics/boston

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I think it is important to not only understand data as it stands on an island but to help to understand the business processes and business cases behind it. It has been helpful for me to be in a sales role to understand that when I apply that information to the onboarding of other sales teams onto the platform.

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I do a lot of reporting on Excel and any tutorial on Pivot tables would be helpful. Here is a resource I use for SQL and Excel: https://learn.datacamp.com/

Hope this helps
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I've found various resources/experiences to be helpful:

  • Google Analytics courses
  • Nielsen Norman Group testing and analytics courses
  • Business analytics courses
  • The experience of having to dig thru terrible data - learning what not to do
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One of the best ways to learn something is to teach it. In addition to helping clients understand the reports we generate for them, I have also found it helpful to observe how other account managers build and explain reports for their clients. While classes and resources are good, nothing beats the practical, real-world experience of digging in and getting the work done. 


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