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Sorry if this has been covered before, but does anyone have experience with a really great virtual event software? I know Hubspot uses Bizzabo for INBOUND, but are there others you've had personal experience with? We are of course shifting our signature in-person event to virtual this November, and are in the process of evaluating multiple vendors.


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@jonathan_unger thanks for posting a question on this topic which is very relevant in this current climate.


I know our Marketing team is also a big fan on Slido but let me tag in my colleague @Juliana_N  to share some more suggestions and tips around running virtual events.

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Hey @jonathan_unger - Great to meet you! I manage our HubSpot USer Groups Program, as well as our Adapt content series. For HUGs, we rely on Zoom meetings as they allow for the greatest amount of face-to-face interaction between our attendees - which we feel is really important for a community-based program.


For Adapt, we deal in much larger audience numbers and so need a set-up that gives us more power to moderate and manage audience interaction so that we can make sure we're seeing all the questions that come up, and handling them to the best of our abilities. Right now, we embed a Livestream feed into a software called Slido. This allows us to use a high-quality and high-production video feed with engagement tools that allow us to share resources, ask polls, and manage Q+A. 


I'd be happy to chat with you more about it if you'd like some time! You can tune in Thur. at 11AM ET if you want to see the set-up for yourself first >>