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Welcome to your home for all things Stackies! Whether this is your first visit or you’re already a seasoned pro in the #opslife community, we’re glad to have you here! If you’re new to the Community and wondering how to get started check out this resource.


This thread is our ticker of updates and news about the Stackies to ensure you don’t miss out on any exciting news. 


Happening Now: 


The Stackies are taking submissions until September 18th. Check out @sbrinker 's post on this year's Stackies and why you should submit yours.


September Preview: 


@sbrinker , VP platform ecosystem at HubSpot, editor of chiefmartec.com, chair of #MarTech Conference, author of Hacking Marketing, and former CTO of ion interactive will be in the #opslife community throughout this year's awards. Stay tuned for more!




As Scott prepares to judge the 2020 Stackies, he took us on a trip down memory lane to remember his favorite Stackies from last year. Check out the gallery for your own inspo!


Coffee Break


Are you in Marketing Ops? Getting a seat at the table in Operations can be difficult. @Yeti_Chris share his experience on this here.


Looking for something else? Check out the comments below for a log of previous updates. 


See you at the Stackies!

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