Operations Team Operating Models - how do you split the work?

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In advance of our discussion tomorrow on Team Operating Models (Wednesday, Sept 9 at 12pm ET -- sign up here), comment below:


How do you organize your operations teams & their work?


Questions to jump off of:

  1. If you’re a one-person ops team - how do you split your time? (for example: 40% data infrastructure, 30% reporting, 20% clean-up, 10% user enablement)
  2. If you’re a multi-person ops team or sit on the same team as other departments’ operations folks, what is each person on your team responsible for? How do you split up the work?
  3. What’s your #1 tip for collaboration among marketing, sales, and service ops?
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1) I have had a lot of trouble finding time for maintenance and cleanup because of so many one-off asks. 
2) Rev Ops team - one SFDC developer, one sales ops, one marketing ops, one CS ops, one director, one data ops
3) Having a meeting where all the groups are together

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I think of some tips:

  • Make a plan and asign responsables for each thing
  • Use a Project management Software (could be Tickets in HubSpot or other)
  • Use a Comunicating system like Slack
  • Weekly Coordinating meetings with teams
  • Define protocols/procedures for everything (for new or existing team members) to have standard procedures.

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