Measuring Impact of New Cookie Banner




As of today, when a user visits our website (, we automatically place cookies on their browser. There is a notification banner that gives people the option to opt-out of all cookies or accept all cookies.


We are moving to a system where users must first accept cookies via a pop-up before we place any cookies. They are not required to accept cookies, and they also can chose which type of cookies (Necessary, Marketing, Statistics, Preferences) to reject.


My questions are to marketers who have made a similar change over the last couple years.

  • What impact did you see on your Hubspot or Google Analytics tracking?
  • What % of users are accepting all cookies vs. making granular choices about what to accept?
  • Did you experiment with how this cookie banner was displayed? What results did you see?

Of course you don't have to answer all of these, just giving an idea of what I'm hoping to find out. Thanks in advance for whatever feedback you can provide!





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HubSpot Employee

This is a great question @jonathan_unger ! From what I have seen in the past (working here at HubSpot) I would predict that you will likely see a percentage drop in vistiors who are cookied and it is very likley that most visitors will stick to an "all or nothing" approach when it comes to managing granular cookies. That being said, I would be interested to see if anyone has more tangible feedback for you. 


@Jmernst , @LROADY , or @cooperelias - do you have any insights given your experiences?