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For those of you whose primary job at your company is marketing automation, what are the KPIs for your role? My supervisor and I are struggling to come up with a key metric to which I should be held accountable, since my main duty is to create workflows and efficiencies. Let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks!

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Hey @morganmcgee ! I remember that @ernopyykko posted that they are an operations analyst that focusing on marketing automation and also reporting. Erno-- wondering if you have any thoughts on this one?  🙂 This thread also has some power users tagged who mentioned automation as part of their expertise 


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Hey @morganmcgee


We had the very same challenge, largely due myself and our field marketeers all creating workflows. Others for campaign related activities, on my end making sure contacts were assigned, statuses updated, tasks created and so on. 


We never got to a point where we had established KPI's for automation. 


If my two cents are of value regardless of that, from an ideal perspective, what do you think of making the performance evaluation around this type of a concept? 
All the things you do towards automation are changes to existing behaviours of a system or people. 
This should roughly lead to a) optimising existing automation, b) removing manual actions done by people. 
With a, you could evaluate against reduction of issues arising from automation, the amount of active workflows (relative to growth of the organisation). 
Within group b, you can take the manual action(s) performed by the person assess how often it would be done within a month to understand how much manual labor it would cut off. This could be anything from inputting information into the CRM, searching for contacts which should be re-engaged, moving information between systems and or departments, making reps aware of moments of interets (3rd eBook download, 20th visit etc.). To validate those metrics, survey the stakeholders to see do they experience what you've assumed through your tracking of performance.  

I hope this is of any help. 🙂

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What kind of automations/workflows are you creating? Are you able to roll them up to larger team or organizational goals/KPIs?


The automations I am building are for email marketing, so for me most of the time my KPI is revenue. But it also depends on what the goal of a workflow is. If it's to get people to re-engage with our content, then it's not revenue but rather engagement (opens/clicks) with an email.