How do you measure tech debt?

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As we get ready for our Road to RevOps event, as our How to Future Proof Your Tech Stack discussion, I can't help but think about the phrase tech debt


We know 'debt' of any kind to be not-so-great, so how would you describe tech debt? And more importantly: how do you measure how much debt you're in?


What about:

  • The time it takes per week to manage a duplicate system
  • The amount of money it costs for a human to manage a duplicate subscription

How do you define tech debt, and how do you measure it at your company?

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Love this question! My working definition - Tech debt is the implied cost caused by inefficiencies affiliated with the technologies used to support a business's day-to-day operations.


In regard to measuring tech debt, there are three core areas I evaluate.

  1. The direct cost affiliated with the tech used across the organization. Conduct regular tech audits to identify any overlapping applications so you can consolidate or find an alternative application able to replace two or more existing tools. 
  2. Productivity costs caused by inefficiencies within your tech that require duplicate work or long workaround tasks to resolve. You don't want your key players wasting time on basic tasks that could be automated or addressed by an integration.
  3. Lastly, there is team morale (closely related to number two). If the inefficiencies are causing your team to want to pull their hair out on a daily basis, that can result in a number of high-cost outcomes.
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