How do you define RevOps at your company?

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RevOps is a relatively new term, but its mindset and its principles as far from new. Some companies have been practicing it for ages, but some have slowly fallen into the trap of siloeing their ops teams, and losing sight of their customer journey.

If you or your company practices RevOps, what does it mean tactically? How do you define it, and how do you practice what you preach?

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Hi, @jbogaert! Our agency, Remotish is mainly RevOps focused. In my role as a RevOps Coordinator, I work closely with the Operations Manager, @JenBergren. Together we work with the Sales and Services teams to make sure all of our tech stack tools work efficiently, detect issues in current processes to improve them, and document all updates in our internal knowledge base so that everyone remains on the same page. By doing this, we are streamlining all our company’s efforts to focus on a shared goal of maximizing revenue instead of having siloed individual marketing, sales, and service departments focused on their own individual KPIs.

I hope this brought you more insight! Please feel free to connect if you would like to chat more. I am new to the  RevOps industry and very eager to learn more and connect with more peers involved with it. 

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Thanks @ssrussy Stephany! I will add one more note. We don't currently have any people doing marketing, or marketing would be included in addition to working with the Sales and Services team 🙂 We're also focusing a lot this year on all teams or departments reporting on the shared goals related to revenue, as Stephany mentioned, so reporting will become a larger part of her RevOps role. She is aligning people, process, and tools!



Jen Bergren

Sr. Operations Manager

Remotish -- A RevOps and WebOps Agency

Jen Bergren
Sr. Operations Manager
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