How do you currently score your leads?

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How are you currently scoring your leads? Do you use the lead scoring tool in HubSpot, or do you have a custom system?

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Have not figured out a way to customize scoring for our business but definitely something that I am interested in doing. Posting to follow the thread. 

Hope this helps
Thank you.
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In the past we used HubSpot's lead scoring tool and it worked just fine for us. As our company and therefore amount of leads and customers stared growing quite rapidly we stopped using the lead scoring tool as it did not serve us in a wished manner any more.  


My goal is to start using the lead scoring tool again and hopefully asap. But currently I have not figured out a way to create a lead scoring model, that serves us when we have 7 different services and therefore many different routes for leads – feels like it will be a way too complex entirety.


Would appriciate tips from anyone who has managed to tackle a similar issue, and has created a lead scoring model that works for many different services etc.






Hi @MartinaF ,

I certainly understand the challenge of having multiple services and/or products to account for. Depending on which edition of HubSpot Marketing Hub you're using, there is the ability to have multiple scoring properties (5 for Professional, 25 for Enterprise).


I've worked with folks in the past where a score is set up to account for a particular business focus area; in this case, the different services being offered. This way you can score specific attributes relevant to that business line.



Greg, HubSpot Success Manager



Thanks Greg


I wasn't avare of the possibility to have several scoring models. I'll definately look in to this more and I think this will probably already be a solution to our problem.




Offload the majority of work by asking sales teams for each service to define a lead, i.e. the business is in X industry, with X employees, they've engaged with X pieces of content and there is a valid email, phone number, first and last name.

Then the other scoring metrics can come from existing customers, if 60 % converted from organic sources, bump up the score for leads coming in that way, if 80% of customers are from certain geo-locations bump up points for those areas, and on the flip side, look at lost deals, or leads that are not qualifying and add negative points to leads that share similar attributes.

I agree though, the whole process is complex and very manual to then create and manage on HubSpot. Worth it though, even if the scoring is used as a guide.

I also implemented a feedback process, for leads that were bumped up but then rejected, 'tell us why they were no good' and that allowed me to keep updating the scoring matrix. That said, I only implemented it for one scoring property, it would be more complex to implement that for multiple.

Good luck!

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I did spend some time setting up a lead score.  I've got some history looking at inbound leads from our blog subscriptions, forms and CTA downloads.  Plus, feed back form sales on inbound leads I've assigned them.  The theory here is to use that lead score in the future as a way to define a contact as a marketing qualified lead and hand off to the sales team once the reach the number X. 


I started in excel brainstorming characteristics that make someone good and bad.  Tha list is also easier to share with a team than bringng up the properties tool in Hubspot.  That made it easier to determin the points to add for each action preformed. 


Keep in mind, the score is +100 to -100.  Don't forget about those negative numbers.  Granted, I reserve negative numbers for people we shouldn't contact like our competition or unqualified contacts.  


I have 27 logic filters where a lead can earn points.  I have 5 logic filters for loosing points.  Here are some of my ideas: 


Add points for:

+ persona/ job title closly tied to a sale or traditionaly an influencer of our sales. 

+ associated company fits our ideal industry for sales (requires they provide a work e-mail)

+ contact compleated a longer form (contact us, sample request, demo request, webinars...)

+ contact viewed our products pages

+ Compounding points for multiple revisits to the blog & completion of short forms (name/email only)  Lower points for the 2nd visit vs. the 5th.  

+ hand entered by our sale team into the CRM

+ Contacts associated with a deal worth $X or more.  

(I'd be intrested to see if there was a way to bost the score of a contact associated with ABM inatives.  )


Subtract points for: 

- Contact with a work email for our company or a competitor

- Contact with a personal e-mail (yahoo, hotmail, gmail...)

- I've considered lowering the score based on time lapsed since their last visit or contact with the company. 


Hope this helps you think of ways to score your leads.  Good luck!


Thanks for sharing @LizO, I set-up a really similar process and used excel too, reviewing the positive and negative filters can become a real issue from the HubSpot properties section, I have over 50 set-up and scrolling through them can be a nightmare. It would be impossible to just hand over the process without the spreadsheet to support it. I would imagine it's easier to start from scratch for someone taking it over. I made sure that any new scoring options are added to the spreadsheet with a notes box for context.

Maybe HubSpot could create an import/export process to make it easier? We can't be the only ones relying on Excel for these properties.


You can see the spreadsheet template that I set-up here...

Annotation 2020-08-05 152021.png


We used a 1-5 scale and that allowed me to set a safe value of -100 when I needed a contact to drop-off the lead nurturing process completely.


Lead scoring has become an essential part of our process, it drives a whole series of automation processes. Our leads reach a certain score and are pushed up as MQLs for the Sales team to review. If the Sales team reject the MQL it adds a negative score and resets the contact back through the scoring process. I've got several workflows, properties and lead scoring link-ups powering the lead qualification engine. All seems to be going well so far, we're 18 months into this being launched.


My next project is to create more customised lead scoring for different services/products using the additional scoring properties.


I was lucky enough to get some dedicated time to spend on this project, I'd say it took about a month of time all-in-all (over a 3 month period), consulting, mapping, consulting, building, testing, re-building etc. It then took several months to implement and to be fair, it is very much still an ongoing process.


I'd recommend people getting stuck in and going for it. It was a hugely rewarding process for me personally and the team, it has also become a central part of our sales and marketing operations.

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@MattPutt  and @LizO Thank you so much for such detailed knowledge sharing here! 


I love both your inputs; a well thought out lead scoring depends heavily on desk research, consulting stakeholders across the org with a focus on sales and marketing collaboration to define the best leads in unison.


MattPutt said it nicely, "I'd say it took about a month of time all-in-all (over a 3 month period), consulting, mapping, consulting, building, testing, re-building etc.". 


I love the excel import idea and will be logging this as a product enhancement idea!